How to Make Your Own Ringtone

These are some tip on how you can make your own notification sounds and ringtones.
Depending on what sound you want, there may be several steps, but it’s pretty simple and not too hard to do. Let’s start with the first choice, what kind of sound you want. Do not use a sound file longer than about 20 seconds, because you won’t hear the entire record.

If you use short sounds as a ringtone, the music will repeat many times. As for notification sounds, I would keep them very short and about two or three seconds. Remember that depending on what settings for notifications you have, you will hear this sound a lot, so I wouldn’t choose something that will annoy after a while.

Currently, I use the music of unlocking achievements Xbox 360 as a notification sound. This is a very short sound, but it is very memorable for me and I love it. Search for it in the site if you’re interested. You can use audio from any file, but I mostly search YouTube for specific sounds.

Most likely, if you want part of the song, TV show or video games, you will find a video with these sounds. I’ll show you later how to cut audio files that are big.

You are worried about how long video? To find a video that has the sound you want to clearly hear and sounds good is hard. I recommend YouTube, but you don’t have to use YouTube though. I’m just offering this as a free option, which most people will be able to access.

What audio formats are supported?

The Android operating system supports most of modern audio formats, and you can use MP3, WAV and OGG.

The sound form is the default file used for Android is OGG, so I converted the data in this format, but the other two will work. There are many ways to convert audio files to other extensions, and I use Audacity. Audacity is a free sound editor, open source, and I use it for cutting and saving files. Saving files as another file extension, easy as clicking the export button and selecting the desired option.